D & C E.

Tracy V. Enns has been our financial consultant for the past six years. In this capacity, she has helped us with our retirement planning, estate planning, and investments. She has been honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious, and courteous.

When we began working with Tracy, we had very limited background in financial planning. She took the time not only to set up our finances but also to explain the process so that we could understand and make better choices for ourselves. She continues to oversee our portfolio and guide us on an ongoing basis.

We have found Tracy to be highly ethical, always working in our best interest. She is always available to answer any questions we may have, does research on our behalf, and maintains complete records for us. Her honest, conscientious work has helped us feel confident in our retirement.

R & J B.

Tracy seeks out solutions to our questions in a prompt manner. Her extensive training aids her in assisting us to work through the myriad of facts and choices, so that we are comfortable with the decisions we make while we become more experienced with financial investing.

She is a role model even though she does not consciously seek that. It is because of Tracy's training and personal integrity that we stay with her firm and have recommended her company to friends, colleagues and family. Her consistency in doing her job to better the financial futures of her clients, while putting their best interests first, is how Tracy ethically works each day.


Tracy has been of great assistance to me organizing my financial affairs. I came to her roughly four years ago with a diverse portfolio that I felt was moving in many directions and needed to be put in order. With her knowledge and steady approach, we have worked together to accomplish this.

As a financial planner, I know her whole heart is there. She is honest and I can put my faith in her. When we come up against stumbling blocks, I can always be certain that she looks into the matter. She does her "homework" well and comes up with positive solutions.

I am very encouraged by the work she's done for me and this gives me peace of mind.